Career Coaching

Being passionate about your work, not to say working with great drive, brings purpose and joy to life. Flourish, and discover how your talents and qualities can come into their own even more. You will be able to perform better and in a relaxed manner.

Your (self-) insight will grow and you’ll learn to make authentic choices by choosing what you think is important more often. This way you can contribute optimally which is so much more satisfying.
This will also prove very valuable for the collaboration with the people around you and the successfulness of the things you are working on.

My mission is to guide driven and talented professionals on their path. People who want to make the most of themselves.Through your involvement and dedication, you are prepared to take extra steps, thereby contributing to your team, your organization and your mission.

At the same time, this drive and enthusiasm can also be your pitfall. You may recognize one of the following situations:
you can’t let go of your work and your work-private balance is not the way you want it to be;

  • your work often causes you unhealthy stress and as a result your health and / or relationships are under pressure;
  • you are too perfectionistic, set the bar too high – and this doesn’t benefit your effectiveness;
  •  you feel too responsible, go on and on and get exhausted unnoticed;
  •  you attract too much work or you have difficulty delegating;
  •  you have less energy and inspiration than before, there is an indefinable feeling of dissatisfaction;
  • you are struggling with your team or colleagues, which costs a lot of energy;
  • you take too little time to develop a vision, on yourself and your work; this does not get you where you want to be. And because of all this this you experience agitation.

Work is pre-eminently the place where you can express the best and most beautiful of yourself. And at the same time it is the place that can be very confrontational.
Paradoxically, these difficult moments can also be fuel for your professional and personal growth. Thorough guidance and coaching can help and accelerate your development. You will learn to deal with the inevitable ups and downs in your work and in your life much better. You become more resilient and authentic. Your work will be more satisfying again.

Would you like to deepen your personal growth even further in a group after individual coaching? The annual training ‘Personal Mastery in Life and Work’ is a great sequel. Finding and preserving themes such as balance, indicating your boundaries, learning to communicate effectively and making your voice heard in a group are discussed. Learning in a group context is instructive and challenging. Contact us for more information or a free introductory meeting.

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What others say:

“I have experienced Shanta as a very pleasant coach. She has the talent to create a safe and open atmosphere that creates space to really look at yourself and your motivation. As you learn to look inside and at your inner attitude, she does not lose sight of reality and your daily worries. As a result, I have learned to live a hectic life, feeling better, more pleasant and more cheerful.” N.S. – Manager Rabobank Nederland.

“I have experienced the coaching process as very valuable. I hoped to be able to take a bigger step in my personal development under professional guidance and that is what I did, as far as I am concerned. I have experienced you as someone who listens very attentively and precisely and with whom I felt very comfortable. I found the balance between listening, asking good questions, sometimes explaining something and working in the moment with what happens spot on. This brought me to a new field and you then helped me to thoroughly explore new territory, instead of looking at it from a safe distance and talking about it. For me that was exactly what was needed: thank you!” Diederick Janse, Organization Adviser.

Individual coaching (Summary)

Flourish in your work and in your life. Make way for your enthusiasm and talent.
Do you want to determine a more powerful course and take charge of your business and private life again; take a substantial step in your personal and professional development?
Let me help you with a tailor-made coaching process!

So don’t continue with these situations:

  • You are having a conflict, or disagreement with a colleague or manager and experience little job satisfaction.
  • You feel you are  in survival mode and you don’t flourish in your work, in your life.
  • You have health problems, feel tired, or tense and have trouble refueling.


I am looking for what really takes you further. I believe in customization, attention and dedication and use proven methods and methods based on humanistic and cognitive psychology, transactional analysis, appreciative inquiry, system centered training, mindfulness and integral coaching to help you achieve the desired result.

Practical information

The intake interview is free of charge and without obligation. This gives us both the opportunity to see if we click. A process is always focused on your situation. To begin with, we set your goals together. An average trajectory consists of 6-12 coach conversations. This depends on your specific situation and demand. If the project is financed by your employer, we may also have a meeting with your supervisor.

Biography (Summary)

My love for people and curiosity about what moves them is the common thread in my life. Gradually I realized that I wanted to focus on the personal development of people.
With great pleasure, I now encourage people to overcome their blockades, to fully use their talents and to give direction to their work and life. What I hear from several customers is ’that I connect well with people, that I give space and, where necessary, respectfully confront’.
I have been trained as a certified coach & trainer at the 6-year post-doc training course of the School for ‘Zijnsorientatie’, in which Western psychology and Eastern insights are integrated. In addition, I have been trained in humanistic and cognitive psychology, Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), Voice Dialogue, Integral Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry and Mindfulness. At the moment I am also studying System Centered Training (SCT), a psychologically based method for the development of human systems, such as groups and teams.
Finally, I am also affiliated to the Association for Career Professionals (NOLOC). This professional body applies quality criteria and refresher requirements.


Call or email me, so I can expand on what I can do for you:
Phone: 06-40439125
Mail: info@shantabaan.nl
You can also fill out the contact form. You will receive a response from me as soon as possible.